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extraneous | a multigaming community News
Members Update 1.0

Ok so its time for actions to made in order to sort this clan out. So that is what i have done.
Dont want any arguments or bitching about these decisions, these have been made from what i have seen and what others have said to me.

Firstly, Training members, Virus and Denial i have let go. Denial your good guys but man..your hard to handle...deadline is place for you. Virus i have let go as he is into LOL with friends currently.. Azure i have decided to continue to train as he is silent,dont cry,flame, and he takes in every bit of info given to him. so few more weeks training for him until further actions.

Inactive Players.
Playboy has moved to Black Ops 2. Therefore he has been removed and will be re-added once he had returned to cod1. Good luck.
Lare has been inactive the about 2 months now i think therefor i have removed him also. Ofc when your active again your place is still open for you.

Due to the discussions of what i said in forum "people thinking the leaders, dont listen,argue etc." i have decided to re trial Zeke and Daddiy. trial will continue to be places until us admins see changes. Spamming on xfire will be ignored.

To all other members - Keep it up and continue working hard together Smile

By England yOSHI in Clan News on Sunday 17 February @ 10:55
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Inspiration At its Best

Here guys i would like to post something of a serious note. Here we play Call of Duty, A virtual game to which you gain virtual friends. Many people play this game, some for fun. some play competitiveness and some even play for friendship. Together we are one big community. Many months ago you seen a video from dANNY @ wY6 forums about working together, working together to achieve great things! Today i would like to show a video on appreciating what you have. I have caused arguments here in this game , i own to that. But some people i think play this game JUST to cause arguments and to ruin other peoples lives - as some people play this game to possibly hide away/ cover themselves from their own life.

So today i would like to welcome Nick Vujicic and a video of a speech he has made. It is too much to write here explaining. But i would like to ask you, to take 4 minutes of your life to hear this man out and to hopefully gain some inspiration and appreciate what you truly do have.

By England yOSHI in Clan News on Monday 11 February @ 20:27
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Academy Shut Down

I have decided to close the clan builder academy. My reasons for this is because people in the academy do not care. Most are pub heroes also. Azure and denial i am allowing to continue to be with us as they wish to train. Therefor i will set up academy ranks in the clan and you will be under our wing as a long trial/train etc

The rest of the team have been removed.

I will be re-opening this project inthe future once people are actually interested in clans.

By England yOSHI in Clan News on Saturday 09 February @ 12:34
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Server Update - Now online!

Ok all as some of you know our servers have been sorted,
Therefor i would like to introduce the following servers.
extraneous`'Public | Ip Address -
extraneous`'Chaos | Ip Address -
extraneous`'war1 | Ip Address -

Azure currently has the extrademy servers which are the following.

For a full detailed list of these server and what they run, please READ MORE

By England yOSHI in Server News on Thursday 31 January @ 15:39
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choZen Real war: Tonight!


The game is played on the server Realwar Server you may have seen it in the server list!

Who does not have the map pack download fast! - you can click the link below to download.
- click to download

Please accept the rules, have fun and we'll see you at Realwar!

By England yOSHI in Clan News on Wednesday 30 January @ 12:44
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